S.A.M. Jackets

S.A.M. you wonder? Safe And Mobile. Imagine if the world’s finest lab coat and lead apron had a baby - that was lighter, more protective, and just flat out more awesome than either of its parents. That’s S.A.M. in a nutshell.

Safe and Mobile radiation resistance lab coats

Our lab coats are stylish and temperature-regulating, and they’re available in both male and female styles with a large variety of color options.
Our lab coats weigh just 4 pounds and allow providers to move comfortably - unlike traditional lead aprons, which weigh around 7 pounds and are unwieldy.
Our lab coats were tested at 2.5 times the 20-50 mSv annual occupational dose limit and permitted less than 1% penetration.
Our lab coats meet and exceed all protection requirements established by OSHA for personal protective equipment.

Safe And Mobile (S.A.M.) jackets are radiation-resistant, personal protective equipment for anyone in healthcare who comes in direct contact with radiation exposure while taking x-rays. Kare Mobile offers these jackets through a collaboration with Twice Nice As Nice Uniforms. Custom logo embroidery is available, and delivery typically takes 4 to 6 weeks.

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