Dentistry, meet convenience

Let’s play a game of “would you rather” and imagine you’re a patient answering. Would you rather drive to a dental office, wait in a lobby, wait in the chair for your dentist, and drive home. Or would you rather pause your favorite show, walk from your couch to your driveway, immediately be seen by your dentist (who inexplicably has time to chat with you), walk back to your couch, and unpause your show? We think the choice is pretty clear. Mobile dentistry is the reigning champion of patient experience.

Mobile dental clinics include:

Brand new Mercedes Sprinter (144” wheelbase).
Sleek and efficient single operatory interior build out.
Advanced safety features like UV-C lighting and air filtration.
$30,000 USD worth of equipment, instruments, and supplies.
Eye-catching, patient-wooing, full-color exterior wrap.
Delivery to anywhere in the continental United States.
Approximately a 90-day turnaround time.

Kare Mobile’s mobile dental clinics include equipment and supplies because mobile clinics need to be optimized for specific use cases. Of course, you’ll have input on the equipment and supplies, and any cost differential above or below the allotted $30K is passed through to you. Also, we’ll gladly refer you to a graphic designer if you need one, but you must supply your own exterior wrap design.

$150,000 to $160,000 USD

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New Warranty

To meet your service needs, your authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealership employs factory trained staff using the latest diagnostic and service techniques. Whether it is a small adjustment or major service, your authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealership will work to accommodate you quickly and efficiently. For the interior build, buyers must report any defects to Kare within 5 days of delivery. Defects reported within this timeframe will be repaired at Kare’s expense. No warranty is provided for the interior build beyond those reported within the first 5 days.

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