Mobile is magical

When done right, mobile dental therapy practice ownership offers substantial benefits over traditional brick-and-mortar. You’ll reduce patient volumes, spend significantly more one-on-one time with each patient, and still earn more net income than an average practice owner. You’ll also start your new practice for less than half the cost of even the most modest brick-and-mortar practice, and you’ll reduce your fixed expenses. Best of all, when your practice thrives because of your super unique value propositions (convenience and concierge service), your growth opportunities won’t be restricted by 4 walls and fixed geography - you’ll add more mobile clinics and coverage areas to your growing enterprise as you need them!

Why partner with Kare?

Extensively field-tested mobile clinic design.
Expert onboarding and launch support for mobile practices.
Operational services and software for mobile’s unique challenges.
Robust training resources for practice optimization.
Community of like-minded, mobile practitioners and professionals.

Kare Mobile is the only Dental Support Organization (DSO) dedicated to mobile, concierge dental therapy. Harness the power and sophistication of big business, while maintaining the autonomy, attentiveness, and profitability of a private practitioner.

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Staying nimble

Markets shift. Recessions happen. Neighborhoods change. Sometimes crazy, world-altering things even happen - like wars and pandemics. Mobile hygiene keeps you nimble, allowing you to efficiently adjust operations and stay profitable in our rapidly evolving world.

Aiding independence

The rules and regulations surrounding dental therapy and mobile clinics can be tricky. We can help you navigate obstacles and (where legally permissible) achieve your dream of practice ownership. We’re also strong supporters of legal efforts to expand the rights of dental therapist to operate autonomously, as well as to expand access to care. If your state does not currently permit dental therapy, we still encourage you to make contact with us so that we can keep you informed of efforts and advances around the country that might impact your rights.